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Ask the Nanny: Advice for Parents

Asking your nanny for advice can be a huge help. Often times, I have moms not sure how to swaddle their baby, properly breastfeed, or how to get the kids to sleep. Good news moms, your nanny is there for you! Don't be afraid to ask your nanny for advice. Nannies are there to not only care for the baby but to support your family. Nannies who have over 10 years of experience working with infants and children under the age of 6, have most likely taken a childcare master class or have certifications in other areas as well so chances are that she can do her job while assessing your individual questions or concerns you may have.

Some questions moms have asked me and that you can ask your nanny are:

1. How do I swaddle my baby and what are the benefits

2. Am I producing enough milk

3. Does this rash look normal to you

4. How many times do I need to sterilize the bottles

5. How can I relieve my baby when he/she has colic

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